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Poutine Week Montreal

Na'eem Adam/Le Méchant Mangeur (image courtesy of Na'eem Adam)“Are you kidding?” questions Na’eem Adam (aka Le Méchant Mangeur) when I asked what inspired him and the Food Week Montreal Inc. group to organize the very first Poutine Week Montreal.

That’s basically the polite equivalent of “Bitch, please.”

Right. Sorry.


Fries. Cheese. Gravy. The holy trinity that is often considered Montreal’s most recognized dish.

A better question, perhaps, would’ve been “What took so long?” Most of us would assume that it’s because poutine is widely and regularly available to Montrealers, and the need to dedicate an entire week glorifying poutine seems questionable when we already celebrate it all year round.

Méchant Boeuf Poutine (image courtesy of Poutine Week MTL)Poutine Week MTL, however, is unlike anything we’ve experienced. In one condensed week, 30 restaurants split between pro and amateur poutine makers will each create a special poutine with a $5-10 price tag exclusively for the occasion. Proceeds will go towards the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

The complete list of participants – ranging from low-key to higher-end establishments – has yet to be revealed, but Adam tells me that BEVO Bar + Pizzeria, Méchant Boeuf, La Mauvaise Réputation, Poutineville, Blackstrap BBQ and even Lucky’s Food Truck are in on the action.

BEVO Poutine (image courtesy of Poutine Week MTL)

Unlike most of us, Adam won’t be dining at a select few from the lineup. He’s looking forward to consuming a month’s worth of calories in a mere seven days in a self-appointed challenge to leave no dish unturned. Crazy or die-hard fan?  The line is heavily blurred.

This poutine-lover’s dream isn’t just a fattening affair; it’s also a contest to appoint Montreal’s best poutine, voted by you, the people – and some local celebrity tasters. In hopes to create social media awareness and a fun, interactive experience, “We ask everyone to vote [online] – thumbs up or thumbs down – after each poutine experience.” Votes will be tallied to crown a winner by the end of the week.

I bet you never thought that severe gluttony could ever reward you with anything more than fleeting pleasure, but Adam says, “The more you're interactive with the site and Poutine Week MTL, the more you will be rewarded. Be curious and share!” He’s not referring to hand-written coupons for hugs or a certificate with your name and the words congratulations and fat stringed in the same sentence – he’s talking about legit prizes soon to be disclosed.

image courtesy of Poutine Week MTL

Scheduled to run from February 1st to the 7th, Poutine Week MTL is, as Adam puts it, “a poutine-food tour, a fun contest and a festival”. Save the dates, let the countdown begin and put your faith in elastic waist pants so that they may fulfill their greatest destiny.

Oh, and, with Montreal Burger Week behind us and the poutine-centric week well on its way, Le Méchant Mangeur gives me a clue on what’s next for Food Week Montreal Inc.: “Simple syrup…JUNE”. You heard it here first.

Check out in the days to come for more information and stay one step ahead by following Poutine Week MTL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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