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Olivier Potier


What you see is what you get at Olivier Potier, a French pastry shop on Sherbrooke (corner Guy) I’m completely smitten with. Temptation lies near the cash – a see-through display with a collection of pastries so striking you might miss the wall of breads and baked goods behind you. Baked fresh daily at the hands of talented pastry chef Olivier Potier, the visual menu includes a mix of fixed and rotating/seasonal items for $5.95 apiece. What to get? Follow my lead.

Tarte au Citron a Ma Facon gets a big f*ck yes. I challenge you to find a better lemon tart in Montreal. Big words for someone who still has much to explore, but it really is that good. If it weren’t sitting next to the other pastries, you’d think it was some kind of shiny prototype for a new line of McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches. The “crust” comes in the shape of a round French shortbread cookie with a crumbly and buttery profile that melts in your mouth after the initial crunch. Cool lemon custard is laid down before a square slice of white chocolate shocked with yellow (eerie resemblance to singles cheese) is set for a tidy scoop of almond mousse to go overtop. Polished with bright lemon glaze and crunchy-like-rice silver pearls et voilà, a luscious lemony wonder to adore!

When in doubt, chocolate always comes through for me. Meet Carré Dorré, a decadent chocolate affair vamped up with caramel and peanuts. It’s like a Snickers bar for grown ups. The chocolate bar base is fudgey with caramel and peanuts folded in for extra oomph and crunch. Two tiers of sweet, feather-light chocolate mousse – divided by a thin square of chocolate – sit right above it, the upper level glazed with dark chocolate ganache and embellished with more peanuts and gold shavings (fake, otherwise it would cost more). It’s not kidding around in the chocolate department, it’s full-out choco-fab with essential hints of sea salt for next level status. Be greedy; fork fight anyone who dares to steel a bite.

The Mille-Feuille of the moment is chocolate. It’s three layers of pastry to two layers of chocolate mousse – dark chocolate at the bottom and milk chocolate on top. Buttery and shatteringly crisp, the puff pastry sheets sporting a dark tan are impossible to eat neatly so just go ahead and stab them with your fork like you mean it – you have to get to the whipped chocolate, deceivingly rich and wonderful. If you’re lucky enough to spot it, seize the opportunity!

Olivier Potier in a few words: I’ve never been to Paris but I’d imagine I’d find pastries like this – exquisite in and out, leaving sweet memories on my lips… 

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Olivier Potier

1490 rue Sherbrooke Ouest | map


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Reader Comments (1)

Believe it or not, their pain au chocolat (THE perennial french pastry) is sub-par. It's so heavy and chewy, I didn't like it at all.

I did love the place's concept and design however, and I will give it another shot one day.

September 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter514eats

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