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Food Truck: La Mangeoire

Repeat after me. I, [your name], will visit La Mangeoire, to taste, true sandwich greatness, or else.

Things just got serious. You need to get serious because La Mangeoire is a master at all things that exist between two slices of bread. Their gourmet sandwiches are a force to be reckoned with. And the best part? They come from a truck.

Photo Credits: Jenny Wong

The Rouge Gorge ($10.00) – my first – is an undeniably meaty and satisfying creation. Sitting in a soft and sturdy bun, a generous portion of pulled BBQ ribs, tender and primarily sweet, forms the backbone of this delicious sandwich. A red cabbage slaw is piled on top, not too creamy, and crunchy for contrast. If you can get your hands on some cilantro, sometimes found in the condiment box by the window, tuck in a few sprigs to balance out the heaviness of the other ingredients. No cilantro? No big deal. It’s wet and sloppy, the sauce and meat guaranteed to spill out the edges when you go in for a bite.  Act fast, and not with napkins. Everything has to go in your mouth. This you will promise me.

When reading a menu, my eyes tend to overlook any sandwich involving fish. That’s exactly what they did when I revisited La Mangeoire, but when nothing else was available, there was no way I was leaving empty handed. One order of Le Maine ($9.00), please. I wasn’t expecting much. When my teeth sank through it like a hot knife on butter, revealing layers of pure delight, I’m pretty sure I heard my sandwich croon “How you like me now?”  Oh, you don’t even know. Housed in a soft, sweet bun, the combination of fried haddock, fork-tender and oily all at once, creamy tartar sauce and sour kimchi is fantastic. Everything ties together really nicely, the overall effect: delicate, buttery and messy. If anything falls to the floor, 5-second rule! Hot damn Le Maine, you good.  

As if I needed another reason to love La Mangeoire, the Decadent ($6.00) sealed the already-done deal with a sweet and salty kiss.  It’s a devilish wonder featuring peanut butter, Nutella and bacon slapped between thick slices of bread. The awesome, however, doesn’t stop there. Buttered and destined for the grill, the outer faces crisp up and the insides get warm and gooey like a molten Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but with fatty strips of bacon!  There’s nothing odd or ground-breaking about it. Instead, it’s a shining example of how simple ingredients and polar opposites can hook up to produce something wildly delicious.

Photo Credits: Jenny Wong

If the option is available, pair your sandwich with their Sweet Potato Chips for an extra $2.00. These dark, paper-thin crisps, infused with lime and chili powder, are totally worth it. They’re oily, zesty, nowhere near spicy and tasty above all else. If you want the chips alone, it’ll cost you $2.50.

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again. La Mangeoire is THE BEST FOOD TRUCK on the streets of Montreal. By best I mean my favorite, of course. It’s hard to find fault with fast, fresh, filling and ridiculously good sandwiches at a justifiable price.

La Mangeoire, you’re everything I hoped for.

You’re everything I need.

You are so awesome.

To me. 


Like all food trucks, follow La Mangeoire on Facebook and Twitter to know if they're parked at location near you. And if they're not, hustle. 

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