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Beat the Heat: Ripples


Every year around mid-April, Ripples, an established seatless Ice Cream Parlor on The Main re-opens its doors for the season. Bringing back sure pleasing flavors, ethnic-inspired creations and introducing newly brewed concoctions, step into their world of homemade ice cream galore, and let your inner child take over.


Having sampled Coconut, Chai and Chocolate 6X on previous occasions, it was time for Moka Almond Fudge. Scarcely studded with softened almond bits and streaked with glossy chocolate fudge, the mocha flavored ice cream is creamy and plush.  You can’t get your standard wake up dose of caffeine from it, but I wouldn’t mind trading in a cup of joe for a scoop on a blazing hot day. While it may not be the most adventurous pick, far from it really, it’s a safe bet.


If there’s one flavor Ripples is known for, it’s Kulfi. Inspired by the same named Indian dessert, the snow white buttery ball is infused and evenly specked with freshly ground cardamom seeds for maximum flavor. It's also sparingly dotted with chopped pistachios, almonds and cashews. After the initial lick, the cardamom, highly aromatic and complex in taste with citrus, peppery and eucalyptine undertones, is distinct but not overpowering. The fine grains, a textural contrast to an otherwise smooth ice cream, linger on the tongue, and biting into the tiny bits intensify the essence of the warm spice.  As interesting as it was, it’s not for me, even if I savored it and smiled to the very end.

Ripples may not be my first choice, but it delivers lush homemade ice cream done right. Whether you have simple taste or exotic preferences, there’s something for everyone. So, if you’re in the lively neighborhood looking for a pick me up from the blistering heat or hankering for sweets on a pleasant summer night, take a cone or cup full to go and add a little sugar to your day.

N.B. Cash Only | Seasonal (mid-April - mid-September)

3880 blvd Saint-Laurent | map
(514) 842-1697
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