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Indian Curry House

From the outside looking in, Indian Curry House is always crammed with Indian food enthusiasts gleefully eating away. More often than not, a daunting line forms down the block during peak hours. But, that comes as no surprise; this small eatery (soon expanding) proudly serves fresh, authentic and super cheap fare.

My sister and I each opted for a Thali. A Thali is a meal for one that allows you to sample a little bit of everything. My Non-Veg with Butter Chicken Thali included a piece of Tandoori Chicken, Dal, Butter Chicken, Salad, Basmati Rice, Pappadum and Naan. It showcased wonderful, vibrant colors and the mingling aromas were intoxicating.

Timely roasted in a tandoor (clay over), the Tandoori Chicken was juicy, moist and wonderfully seasoned. There are many variations of Dal, a thick stew of pulses, and here it was prepared with yellow lentils.  It was nice and spicy, but too runny. The Butter Chicken was delicious. The tandoor-roasted lean chicken chunks were perfectly cooked, and the orange sauce was smooth, rich and creamy. My only complaint was that they gave me three pieces of meat…a little stingy no? The salad was sloppy and dull, but it still managed to add a little freshness to the meal. The Pappadum was crisp and tasty, and the plain basmati rice and naan were light and fluffy. They served as great accompaniments for the saucy and flavorful dishes.

At the end of the meal, despite some minor flaws, small portions and today's incredibly slow service, my spotless tray clearly implied that I wholeheartedly enjoyed the food. I totally get why Indian Curry House is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in town, and I have no objection coming back for another round of its appetizing and affordable cuisine, BUT only if the competition across the street (Bombay Mahal/Curry & Naan) wasn’t accessible on a given day.


[Photography: Erika David]




Indian Curry House

996 rue Jean-Talon Ouest | map

(514) 273-0004

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