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Sushi Crescent (Nagoya)

I can’t hit up upscale sushi restaurants often because my wallet can’t keep up with my appetite. In my case, all-you-can-eat sushi joints are ideal because I get to stuff my face until I can’t breathe for a fixed price. I’m loyal to a few places, but I’m always up for trying something new, and that’s how we ended here at Sushi Crescent (aka Nagoya).


There’s lots of variety on the menu; there’s a whole array of sushi available and there’s an equally long list of kitchen items to choose from. To place an order, you have to fill out a small piece of paper available at the table indicating what you want and how much you want of it.  We got a bunch of different makis and they were all equally disappointing. The quality of the ingredients was downplayed, but that’s to be expected. The real problem was the vinegared rice. Its texture was too soft and mushy, it was too densely packed and the amount present in certain rolls was so overwhelming I couldn’t really taste anything else.

The nigiris were decent. I was particularly fond of the salmon roses, especially when I had them at the very beginning of the meal.

We didn’t get too many kitchen items, but we did try a few things. The shrimp tempura was crisp and not too heavy. The grilled skewered shrimp were tasty but a bit overdone. The takoyaki (fried octopus ball) was a complete disaster; the exterior was nicely browned, but the batter inside was runny and undercooked, and the octopus piece was so small I’m not even sure it was actually there.

We finished the night with some unexciting, store-bought green tea ice cream. It was the highlight of the night, and that says a lot about the actual food.

In a nutshell, Sushi Crescent is a nice place with subpar sushi and poor-mediocre service. I spent most of the night shaking my head disapprovingly at almost everything I ate, so my experience was disappointing to say the least. I know it’s best to visit a restaurant a few times before drawing a definite conclusion, but I’m completely turned off at the idea of coming back.

Sushi Crescent (Nagoya)
1437 rue Crescent | map
(514) 289-3223
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Reader Comments (1)

I'm going to this restaurant tonight. May review it also. My second visit and I'm reluctant to go back for similar reasons to what you experienced (I'm going because of a group). My biggest criticism was the service. We had the 'all you can eat' and they (the staff) somehow made us feel guilty for ordering more, or trying to order the nice (ie. more expensive) dishes.

Anyway, I'll be eating there in an hour, lets see what happens...

December 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSam

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