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Sweet Treat: Massif Cheesecake at Broadway Cheesecake

Last night, there were butterflies in my stomach as the distance between Broadway Cheesecake and I shrank. After a recent trip to San Diego and having been to The Cheesecake Factory to sample some of their famous cheesecakes, I was hoping this place would be its Canadian counterpart. Oh, how I wanted to be reunited with some smooth, rich cheesecake. The anticipation was killing me.

The reality is that Broadway Cheesecake is nothing like The Cheesecake Factory; well, except for the part about cheesecake. It has a fast-food/cafeteria vibe with its bright plastic furnishings, food trays and styrofoam/paper plates, which is cool, nothing wrong with that. The scores of luscious-looking cakes on their website are not all available on any given day, great – wish I knew that ahead of time. Behind the limited selections on display were pre-packaged single servings, yay just what I wanted. That last bit immediately turned me off, but what the heck I was hungry and already there.

I got a slice of Massif Cheesecake, essentially a chocolate lover’s dream.   Topped with chocolate shavings, a layer of white chocolate cream cheese sat on a layer of chocolate cream cheese, which rested on a brownie base. It was definitely sweet, chocolatey and cheesy, yet a little dry and a bit too dense.  Smoothness is a cheesecake’s greatest asset, and in this case it wasn’t exactly achieved. It wasn’t a complete failure, but it could have been better.  If there’s a next time, I’ll try one of their fruity cheesecakes, hopefully it’ll put a smile on my face.

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N.B. Multiple Locations

Broadway Cheesecake
655 ave President-Kennedy | map
(514) 849-2255
Broadway Cheesecake on Urbanspoon

Reader Comments (2)

Love the deserts there. :-)

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermarekzyskowski

I actually enjoy there cheesecakes (in Laval). I made my own Reese's peanut butter cup cheesecake which was better!!!
I believe the Canadian version of the cheesecake factory is Elixir.
Hope that helps

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEva

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