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Fast Food Fix: Basha

Whenever I’m out and about, capable of eating for two, but a little short on cash, I can always count on the Lebanese cuisine at Basha to come to my rescue. My personal favorite is the Chicken Shawarma Plate; everything on it is so darn tasty. It includes two vinaigrette dressed salads (one always being coleslaw), rice and/or deliciously seasoned cubed potatoes, a large serving of moist roasted chicken pieces, pita bread and generous dollops of garlic sauce and hummus. It’s garnished with pickled vegetables and fresh tomatoes. The portions are huge to begin with, but if you flash the guy behind the counter a killer smile, you somehow end up with more goods on your plate – jackpot. Please note, that last remark only applies to the ladies, so guys, don’t get too excited. Essentially, the food is very inexpensive, really filling and lip-smackingly good. Basha definitely offers some of the best unpretentious cheap eats this city has to offer.

N.B. Multiple Locations

930 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest | map
(514) 866-4272
Basha on Urbanspoon

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Ever since I tasted the real shawarma in Toronto, I find everything here tasteless and boring

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSendy

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