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India Beau Village

If one thing’s for sure it’s that Indian restaurants, the good kind, saturate the ethnically diverse streets of Parc-Ex. I’ve been an avid Bombay Mahal fan for a few years now, but after today I may have found a new obsession - India Beau Village.  Like its contenders, space is limited and the décor is dreary, but that won’t matter once you take your first bite.

Nothing has come close to topping my friend’s mother’s samosas, but I really like ones here. They’re spiced the way I like, fried to perfection and not too oily. The coriander (spicy) and tamarind (sweet) sauces have the right consistency and complement the appetizer very nicely. They’re my favorite restaurant-made samosas…for now.

Wanting a light but filling lunch, I opted for the Non-Veg Thali.  It includes your choice of chicken or lamb curry, dal (lentils) or channa (chickpeas), basmati rice, salad, raita (yogurt) and naan. The chicken curry was the best I’ve had so far. The meat was juicy and plump, and the curry it swam in was perfectly seasoned and spicy. The channa was so fresh and so good. Everything was absolutely delicious, lip-smackingly DELICIOUS. Nothing was left behind, not a grain of rice or a drop of sauce.

I know I only skimmed the surface of what this hole-in-the-wall has to offer, but I was so impressed with the simplistic dishes I sampled today. Authentic, inexpensive, and bursting with flavor - I can’t wait to return to India Beau Village and spoil myself with its culinary treasures.

India Beau Village
752 rue Jarry Ouest | map
(514) 272-5847
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Reader Comments (3)

The presentation reminds me of Thali near Guy-Concordia. Have you been? How does it stack up?

January 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbrad-t

I've actually never been to Thali. Although, friends of mine have said that it's really not that great. I'm a little skeptical about finding good authentic Indian restaurants outside of Parc-Ex, because that's mostly where they're at! I've never been to Thali, but a few of my Indian food fanatic friends have, and they really didn't have anything nice to say about the food. However, I will for sure stop by for a visit in the near future to see/taste for myself! What did you think about Thali?

January 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterThis is why we're fat

I thought it was pretty good objectively, and REALLY good for how dirt-cheap it is. It's nothing incredible to be sure.

I liked this place the times I've eaten there, but I'm always looking for better Indian food :)

January 29, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbrad-t

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